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The Papaya Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

As a longtime user of Arrae I was so excited to bring on my friend Siff Haider to talk about how she launched a brand targeting something so many of us deal with - bloat. Siff’s approach to the brand and her intentionality around creating safety for ALL bodies, including those who have struggled with eating disorders - is one of the reasons I fell in love. We get into ALL of that. We also discuss how creatorship/influencing isn’t often trusted or taken seriously and why she and her co-founder (& husband) Nish decided to invest back into influencer marketing with trust. This conversation is so great for anyone who’s dealt with digestive embarrassments, curious about creatorship, or investing in social media while growing a brand!

You can find Siff @SiffHaider on IG, listen to her podcast @TheDreamBiggerPodcast and checkout more about Arrae
Go to and use code PAPAYA for $100 off your first month
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