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The Papaya Podcast

Sep 12, 2022

One of the most-downloaded podcasts, LadyGang and its hosts Jac Vanek, Keltie Knight & Becca Tobin are HERE to talk about their new book “Lady Secrets” and a new tour! Lady Secrets is self-proclaimed a “Real, Raw & Ridiculous Confessions of Womanhood” and what makes this book unique is the community that told their secrets to make it happen via anonymous submissions. This is their second book, following their New York Times Bestselling “Act Like A Lady”. Today we chat about shame, secrets and the intersections that bond us.

Lady Secrets is available for Pre-Order Sept 20, and check out @LadyGang podcast & socials for more on the Lady Gang tour with @JacVanek @Becca & @Keltie

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