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The Papaya Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

I truly believed there were two types of people in the world: those who had style, and those who don’t. I’ve always struggled to put an outfit together, to figure out what works on a changing body, and often find myself grabbing for the same things over and over because I’m not sure how to change. Daniella is a style coach, it’s literally her job to help people like me miimize their wardrobes by turning chaotic closets into thoughtful mix-and-match outfits we LOVE. Um… here for that! I learned so much about how to style, how to get creative and how to view dressing your body in a way that we can all feel confident in our own style without buying new new new all the time to try and pacify this ongoing feeling of not having or being enough! Oh, and how to style our leggings because I’m living in them!

You can follow Daniella @Daniella.Siebert on IG!


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