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The Papaya Podcast

Jan 24, 2022

You may recognize Kaycee as High School Musical’s Martha, but now a wife and mom and ahem, TIKTOK sensation! Kaycee has spent 18 years in the industry of dance and acting and social media and joins us to discuss how her body became “news” and how media plays a role in body image not just for those it’s about - but for the readers, too. Kaycee’s approach to life and dance is a true act of self-love because it’s a showing up, and it’s connecting! Kaycee has gained more than 37 MILLION likes on her videos, millions of followers, and dance moves that will have you smiling ear to ear before you know it.

You can follow Kaycee at @KaycStroh on IG & Tiktok and you can find her on YouTube!

Warning: this episode contains discussions around dieting and mentions of calories

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