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The Papaya Podcast

May 17, 2021

After mentioning to my IG stories that Shane was coming back on the pod and he wanted to do an episode on Spaghetti vs Macaroni, I shot it down and asked my audience to ask him some questions. It was an overwhelming ask for this to be the episode. SO, here we are. Spaghetti vs Macaroni.

But, that’s not all.

We also discuss his time as a new dad to a baby, postpartum sex, and watching your partner’s body change throughout the years and what his perspective (honestly) is about it all. This conversation is both refreshing, hilarious and hopefully a bit healing too. It certainly was for me.


Shane isn’t really on social media so don’t bother following him, he has like 9 posts and they’re all a joke. But, you can see him lurking in the background of everything I do, @TheBirdsPapaya xoxo



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