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The Papaya Podcast

May 24, 2021

There’s a lot of curiosity when it comes to how we do what we do. From the day to day stuff, taking the plunge from a side gig to a main one, and finding your individual value on social media when NOBODY talks about it. Today, Team Papaya is on the show to share about their roles in The Birds Papaya Inc. Sam, my talent manager, and Haley, my operations manager, come to share their experiences of being a part of such an unconventional job. How it’s been getting taken seriously in an industry that still lacks credibility in the eyes of the world, real advice on what to do if you’re interested in starting, surprise parts of the gig too. That and more, because I wouldn’t be a good leader if I didn’t get some constructive criticism and dream up some lofty dreams of what’s next for us. 

If you’re curious or wondering about the world of content creating, and social media. This is the show for you!


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