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The Papaya Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

Old Navy recently announced their new BODEQUALITY shopping experience, with integrated shopping for all different bodies and sizes, at all the same price. Unless you’ve ever been plus-size, you may not even be aware of how those above a size 12 shop! The world has been separating shopping experiences for so long, and catering to a singular mold of woman along the way. Katie Sturino joins us to discuss how she got into fashion and modelling looks on her own body, inspired by the celeb looks we see online and in magazines. Katie shares her experiences shopping in NYC and only finding ONE store out of 10 stores that carried her size. We discuss the statistics of women and body size, and how even the average women is not even catered to. Oh, and WHY exactly it’s so impactful to be able to shop together and shop the same styles for the same price.

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This episode is sponsored by Old Navy, learn more about BODEQUALITY at or (Canada)


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