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The Papaya Podcast

Jul 4, 2022

Divorce is a life event, one I’ve been through, and whether you’ve been through one, know someone who has or curious to what it can be like, this episode is for you. Divorce is chosen or chosen for you, but no matter what, it shakes the world you know and forces you into a new one. How can you plan? How can you cope? How can you move forward and make good choices? FOREVER CHOICES? What are some common post-divorce mistakes and what can we be doing in ALL relationships, right now that sets us up for success no matter how a relationship goes. Alicia Robertson of Lemonade Life supports women through the vulnerable and challenging time that is separation and divorce - helping them take their power back one intentional and informed decision at a time. This emotional and connected conversation is one I hope we can heal together through.

You can follow Alicia on IG @LemonadeLifeCoach and find her book,”Making Lemonade”


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