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The Papaya Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

Sarah & Nicole sit down and talk about this thing they have in common: Divorce and trusting your heart to love again. Nicole Breanne married her first love, the first person she had ever been with. So after almost a decade together, at 28, her husband left her, and she found out that there had been an affair with a co-worker for the last two years of their marriage. Shattered and faced with rebuilding everything she'd ever known in her adult life, Nicole made some key decisions in those days and moments, channelling grief and love in ways you wouldn't expect from such an experience. On top of that, we discuss the key roles of supportive friends and how exactly to show up for someone in the middle of a mess, of a heartbreak, of a life change.

You can follow Nicole on Instagram @NicoleBreanne and check out her website and her incredible work at


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