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The Papaya Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

Meredith Shaw has a vast career from country music, model, inclusivity style-expert, radio show host and even cook show host! Her story, while ever-evolving, has also brought so many lessons and life tools along with it, which we’re so glad she could share some with us today. Meredith is a shining light, and her career is truly one to watch and be inspired by in all its “scrappy” ways from the get-go, like seeing a lack of representation in inclusive styling...and then doing it herself...on TV! Makes you wonder when you see yourself missing from a space, how can you show up in it? And maybe, with a story like Meredith’s, believe that you can. Because what do we always say? “I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m doing it anyway”


You can find Meredith and EVERYTHING she’s up to on IG @MeredithShaw


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