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The Papaya Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

Amin Jaswal was in her 20’s when she began to realize something was off and was dismissed by doctors repeatedly. Until one day, in pain and frustration, she took herself to the ER, only to find out she had cancer. Cervical cancer to be exact. This cancer was not detectable by a pap smear and without her own self-advocacy, she may not be here. Passionate to share her story, normalize discussions around discharge, and discomforts, Amin joins us today to share what life looks like when you’re young, single, and have cancer. There is love, romance, and loss in life… and Amin took time to write down her emotions into poetry. Now, a book, A Light Within My Light (preorder April 12 2021). Amin inspires the survivor in all of us, to live life, create boundaries, and fight for yourself.


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