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The Papaya Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Imagine ordering your Starbucks coffee and not being allowed to say what name to put on the cup? Well, that happened to today's guest. Prominent wedding dress designer _______ ______ (we literally can’t name her) that you may know from a show such as “Say Yes To The Dress'' after a legal battle, lost the rights to her name, her social media (over ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS), her designs and more. Confused? Yeah, us too. So we brought her on to talk about it, use it as a cautionary tale for personal brands and where is the line between PERSON and BRAND. Where will she go, and who will she be? We’re going to talk about it all. Much of this is shocking, but also very exciting for what’s next for our friend! 

You can follow her, support her, help in her rebuild and learn more about her story @AllThatGlittersOnTheGram


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