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The Papaya Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Today we welcome one of my best friends onto the podcast, Ariana! After discovering we were both pregnant and due within months of each other, we had plans, BIG plans, for how this would look and be for each of us. A pandemic... had other plans. For Ariana, this was her first birth, and a birth of twins, who came premature when she went into labour on her birthday. The rollercoaster of emotions, and the reality that was a twin birth, a month in NICU and so much more was something I wanted to sit down and talk with her about, unpack, and share in the moments of it all. I’m so happy she came on and opened up her story to us today. 


Ariana is newly documenting her story as a twin mom on social media as well, on IG @Ariana_Joy_Christie

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