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The Papaya Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

2020 was not a year for many, but it was for Halifax, Canada’s Alicia McCarvell! After posting a video on TikTok about having a husband that was 10x hotter, Alicia went viral for their “groundbreaking” relationship, which with humour, ended up uprooting some deep societal standards and fears others have about being bigger than your partner. Now with 1.2 million TikTok followers and thousands of Instagram fans, Alicia continues to make us laugh, make us think, and then make us laugh some more about life, love, and butt shaking good times. From how she finds confidence in her body and beyond it, to why her husband’s abs don’t mean a good relationship - we laugh and explore the fears and realities around partners and changing bodies. Oh and we say “aboot” a lot, eh? 


Follow Alicia on Tiktok & IG @AliciaMcCarvell as well as their YouTube channel The McCarvell’s.

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