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The Papaya Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

With an actor father and a model mother, it’s no wonder sisters Hunter &Michaela McGrady ended up in the entertainment industry. But they didn’t just end up in it, they completely shook it up. You may recognize Hunter from a little something called Sports Illustrated, as she was the curviest model to ever appear in their iconic Swimsuit Edition. But, Hunter didn’t begin as a plus size model, beginning her career at a size 2 and finding peace and acceptance for herself in a larger body AND a booming career. Best friend & sister Michaela, curve/plus model herself, is living life in LA with a career in modelling of her own while helping women embrace themselves every step of the way. Together, they cohost the Model Citizen podcast, where they talk about anything and everything. Today we sit down to talk about Main Character Energy, the modelling industry, clothes shopping, the silence after having a baby about your body, and the very recent loss of their little brother. This episode should serve up as fun, light-hearted with tidbits that may just change your life forever, in the way only sisterhood can.

Listen/follow their podcast @ModelCitizenPodcast, and follow them on IG @HunterMcGrady @MichaelaMcGrady


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